Psychology Of Fashion

The Psychology Of Fashion

Bouncy neon sneakers, sleek workout tights, a cosy jumper that wraps you up like a cocoon — we have all experienced the rush of confidence and pleasure a piece of clothing can bring. We explore what psychology shows about the effect clothing can have on your mood, performance and self-image.

How To Cope With Fopo

How to cope with FOPO

Fear of other people’s opinions, or FOPO, has likely affected you somehow. It may manifest as indecisiveness, anxiety about what you wear or how much you eat, or even purposely avoiding people. But in the online world, it manifests into something much darker — an obsession with social approval, even if that means losing what makes you.

Becoming Your Best Self With Eric Winters

Becoming your best self with Eric Winters

Spend 10 minutes with our Paradigm Shifters, the people who are shaping the ideas that will take us into the future. Meet Eric Winters, self-leadership speaker, coach and author of Swipe Right on Your Best Self. Winters’ philosophy is that when we make courageous choices, we create a more meaningful, authentic life. Here, he shares his secret to setting up a successful day, what meaningful ambition means and how to live with courageous authenticity.