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Are you getting enough beauty sleep?

Sleep is a vital aspect of human life and plays a significant role in mental and physical health, as well as physical appearance. With up to four out of 10 people in Australia suffering from sleep deprivation, we take a look at beauty sleep and how you can improve your sleep hygiene.

Sleep Spray

Rest&Quiet Sleep Formula Spray 25 mL —Martin And Pleasance

Rest&Quiet Sleep formula is traditionally used to calm the mind and relieve sleeplessness. Suitable for night use to relax your mind and relieve the recurring & worrying thoughts that may keep you awake at night.

This unique alcohol free blend contains 6 Bach flower remedies to still the mental chatter, calm the mind, assist with feelings of overwhelm & impatience when we need a good night’s sleep.


ReDormin Forte — Flordis

A different way to relieve sleeplessness and promote healthy sleep patterns.

If you are looking to help improve the quality of your sleep, ReDormin Forte may be right for you.

ReDormin Forte has been clinically researched for over 10 years to help relieve night time stress and tension while supporting a deeper, more restful sleep.  ReDormin Forte works by helping to restore healthy sleep patterns over 2 weeks to get your sleep cycle back on track.

ReDormin Forte has been shown to help

Falling asleep faster
Staying asleep longer
Restore healthy sleep patterns
Improve sleep quality

Talk to your health care professional about ReDormin Forte and make a lasting commitment to improve the quality of your sleep.


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