Dreamcatcher 600x400

Dreamcatcher Blend — Earthyard

Description: For times when you need to feel equally inspired and grounded, calm but filled with joy, free-spirited yet down to earth; our Dreamcatcher Blend is the answer. A combination of uplifting citrus, anchoring wood and fresh florals will reboot your soul. Dreamcatcher will tend to your inner wanderer, dreamer and hippie – the perfect antidote for when the world feels heavy and cold.

Ayusa – Pure Guayusa 600x400

AYUSA – Pure Guayusa

Finally, a clean, delicious, smooth and slightly sweet caffeinated herbal drink that won’t leave you with the dreaded coffee crash. Our Pure Guayusa tea is naturally energising and rich in antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins.

Native to the Ecuadorian Amazon, ancient Kichwa tribes have revered Guayusa for thousands of years for it’s powerful health benefits.  Now, tea drinkers from around the world enjoy Guayusa for its ability to boost mood, concentration, energy and immunity.

HIIT exercise at-home workout

HIIT at home

HIIT is a high-intensity training technique that uses gym skills in bursts of exercise. These intense bursts of energy are an immensely time-efficient way to work out and will boost the enjoyment of your home workout.