Digital Detox

Digital Detox your bedroom for a better sleep

Founder of natural skincare brand iKOU, Naomi Whitfeld is passionate about helping busy women create calming rituals to elevate their mental and physical health. Here, she shares her tips for creating a wellbeing-boosting sleep sanctuary.

indigenous technologies

Going Lo-TEK

The environmental impacts of technology are substantial, which is why there is a move toward judiciously employing some alternative models of usage and at the same time looking at certain indigenous technologies that may be relevant to modern life.

Lighter spaces for a mindful home

Lighter spaces for a mindful home

A space that exudes comfort and tranquillity by inviting relaxation and solace is what we all aspire to have within our homes. Creating a mindful home will work to support your own wellbeing and self-care practices and can even boost your mood.