12 Natural Insomnia Cures

12 natural insomnia cures

In this special, in-depth report we look at the natural ways to treat insomnia, improve your sleep and boost your quality of life.

Using Resistance Training To Build Muscle

Using resistance training to build muscle

Building your muscle through resistance training does much more than allow you to flex in the gym — it has many important health benefits, not the least of which is that it keeps you young.

Plant Protein, Climate Change And Ageing

Plant protein, climate change and ageing

Want to learn how to make a difference to the planet with your diet? We take a look at plant protein for an eco-friendly diet and the links between climate change and ageing.

From Candy To Herbs, Here's Your Guide To Modern Love Potions

From candy to herbs, here’s your guide to modern love potions

Can a “love potion” really cause someone to fall in love? We delve into the primal notion of love potions to see if any of them might work.

Your Sun Sign Predictions For 2022

Your Sun Sign Predictions for 2022

From the modalities to the elements, let us help you discover the mysteries of your sun sign and how it makes you unique.

5 Metabolism Boosting Foods

5 Metabolism-Boosting Foods

A strong metabolism helps keep weight off, but it also maintains health, supports immunity and prevents premature ageing. Here are five foods to include in your diet to give you a metabolism boost. Metabolism is the process of turning calories from the foods you eat into useable energy for all the chemical reactions that take […]

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Revitalise at Gaia Retreat and Spa

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Keeping Christmas joyous

Families and Christmas don’t always mix well. People often describe a regression to childhood inadequacies and feelings of anger and anxiety. Understanding your role in the family and adopting a compassionate approach may just be the real “gift” of Christmas.


What are you putting on your skin?

Are there harmful ingredients present in the products you feed your skin, your body’s largest, living organ?

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anti-ageing and free radicals: saviours or scavengers?

Anti aging tips: mounting evidence shows free radicals may help your body as well as cause harm.


Saving the orangutan

The orangutan was once found across South-East Asia including in China and Vietnam and Cambodia, but their survival has been threatened since the mid-1970s as human impacts have reduced their habitats to the islands of Sumatra and Borneo.


Hawaii: the place to be healed!

Hawaii has a culture of healing, purification and forgiveness. The spectacular weather coupled with the “slowing of time” make for a perfect setting to renew the soul.

Overfishing seafood

Your guide to sustainable seafood choices

How to make sustainable seafood choices for your own health and for that of the environment

Handsome man practising meditation on his bed at home in bedroom

The mind affects the body, but can the body affect the mind?

It was traditionally believed that psychosomatics involved the effect of the mind on the body. Although we now know that psychosomatics is a two-way street, where bodily experiences can manifest with psychological effects.

Slow Ageing With Sleep

How to slow ageing with sleep

Getting to bed after midnight or lying in too late in the morning? Then your body may not be getting enough sleep to repair cells, boost immunity and balance your hormones and weight. Anti aging tips.


Yoga heals hearts

Yoga gives your nervous system better control of your heart.


Preserving our wetlands

Wetlands are nature’s way of cleaning and supporting the surrounding habitat, but these amazing and complex waterways are being overlooked as an answer to current climate woes. Now is the perfect time to leap into conservation efforts.


How to reach success

How to use your imagination as your Internal Guide to help you keep your personal definition of success in sight.