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Inspiring curiosity with Natalie Kyriacou

Inspiring curiosity with Natalie Kyriacou

When Natalie Kyriacou first entered the business world, she was frequently dismissed — working in the environmental sector was commonly viewed as “fluff” work. Now a multi-award-winning founder and CEO, she is determined to help educate and empower young people about wildlife conservation.

Paradigm Shifters Jonathan Evans[1]

Specialist timber architect and director — Jonathan Evans

Known for designing some of Australia’s most innovative timber buildings, Evans is leading the way in creating a sustainable model for future living and wellbeing. At the heart of Evans’ designs is a belief that we all long to reconnect with the natural world, and by living in sync with Mother Nature we live healthier and happier lives. Here the architect shares his vision for the future, his love of the ocean and what it takes to challenge the status quo.

Al Naturale Milk

An al naturale approach to milk

Why does almond milk never taste like actual almonds? Marialuisa Castrignano, founder of Al Naturale, tell us how this question lead her on a journey to create her own natural almond milk company in the heart of Melbourne. 

Becoming Your Best Self With Eric Winters

Becoming your best self with Eric Winters

Spend 10 minutes with our Paradigm Shifters, the people who are shaping the ideas that will take us into the future. Meet Eric Winters, self-leadership speaker, coach and author of Swipe Right on Your Best Self. Winters’ philosophy is that when we make courageous choices, we create a more meaningful, authentic life. Here, he shares his secret to setting up a successful day, what meaningful ambition means and how to live with courageous authenticity.