Breathing Retraining Program

The keystone of health and wellness is healthy breathing, which requires the optimal growth of the upper jaw and nasal airway, and habitual calm breathing through the nose using the diaphragm. In our Breathing Retraining Program you will learn why poor breathing develops in the first place and the implications for your health. You will […]


Snoring problems can be serious

Partners of people that are persistently snoring miss sleep often while the other person merrily snores on unaware of what they are doing. In desperation partners try all kinds of devices from ear plugs to block out the snoring to even sleeping in another room. If you are snoring though you should attend to it as there can be serious health repercussions if it goes on too long.

Some common medical conditions and dental problems. Part 2: Asthma

Having recently experienced the highs of pregnancy and childbirth along with the lows of a nagging lung infection, I can really sympathize with people who battle asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) on a daily basis. These conditions can really distract us from and dampen even the most joyful events in our lives. It doesn’t help, also, that treatment of asthma and COPD involves medication which can put us at risk of dental problems, such as tooth decay, erosion, gum disease and fungal infections (candidasis).