Cancer in 2011

Professional changes come fast and furious as lucky Jupiter and innovative Uranus combine to jump-start your career in 2011. Saturn brings stability and long-term commitment at home and with family.


Capricorn in 2011

Expect a surge in creative energy as lucky Jupiter brings growth and expansion to your children, creativity and love affairs zone from mid-year. Saturn continues to help you set new highs professionally in 2011.


Pisces in 2011

Jupiter and Uranus combine to offer innovative strategies where money, values and self worth are concerned. Soulful Neptune enters your sign for the first time ever, helping you discover new self-awareness in 2011.


Aries in 2011

With Jupiter and Uranus in your sign you’re an inspiring force in 2011. Change is assured, bringing with it excitement and opportunity.

Aquarius 2011_wellbeingcomau

Aquarius in 2011

A new era begins as Neptune leaves your sign for the first time since 1998. Saturn helps you be realistic regarding travel or study dreams, while Jupiter gives you luck at home, creatively and with family in 2011!


Gemini in 2011

Jupiter and Uranus combine to help you break new ground in social circles and with friends in 2011. Neptune inspires you to make compassionate choices at work.


Leo in 2011

In 2011 Jupiter opens doors for creative and professional growth and expansion. A new era also begins in relationships for the mighty Leo as Neptune changes signs.


Scorpio in 2011

2011 is like two years rolled into one for Scorpio, as Jupiter changes signs mid-year, helping you switch focus from work to love. Expect growth and new experiences in both areas.


Sagittarius in 2011

Jupiter gives you permission to take creative licence with life until June; after then, it’s time to focus on improving health, wellness and daily routines. Saturn suggests prioritising time with friends in 2011.


Libra in 2011

The combined influence of Jupiter and Uranus creates opportunities within relationships for Librans in 2011. Saturn continues through your sign, helping you master new talents.