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Are foodies also fatties?

Are you adventurous with your food? If so you might call yourself a “foodie” or in psychological terms you might be called a “food neophile”, someone who likes to try ...

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News from: Obesity

Men and masculinity

When a deer feels threatened they will raise their tail to warn other deer. When a wombat feels threatened it will dive headfirst into its tunnel blocking the entrance ...

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News from: Social Psychology

The fructose factor

Fresh fruit is a wonderful food and, when you consume the fruit sugar fructose in this form, then the other nutrients and fibre in the fruit ward off any ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

Appetisers alter mains

Purity is an interesting concept. It carries with it connotations of perfection arising from isolation, freedom from adulteration, and utter integrity. We value purity highly yet the odd thing ...

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News from: Food Quality and Preference

Disgust is a turn-off

If you plug the words “sexual turn-ons” into your search engine, you will find yourself presented with all sorts of interesting and (mostly) dubious pieces of wisdom. You will have ...

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News from: PLoS ONE

Of men and maths

There is a large gender gap in the amount of people pursuing what are called the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. Men are much more likely to ...

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News from: Sex Roles

No more tests

Educational practices have changed over the decades. Gone are the Latin classes, rote learning of times tables, grammar lessons, and pieces of chalk hurled with unerring aim at the ...

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News from: Teaching/Learning Matters

Fat, sugar, and thinking

Most of the world’s wisdom can be found in Beatles songs. You can begin and end with all you need is love, but there is so much more to ...

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News from: Neuroscience

Blackcurrants for your brain

Blackcurrants (Ribes nigrum) have been a domesticated crop for around 400-500 years in Europe. The modern-day blackcurrant varieties are significantly different from their wild ancestors as they have been ...

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News from: Journal of Functional Foods

Emotional brains vs.rational brains

We all know there are different types of people in this world. There are the huggers and the arm’s-length hand-shakers; the gym-junkies and the lounge-lovers; the extraverts and the ...

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News from: NeuroImage

The recipe for a happy marriage

Love and marriage may go together like a horse and carriage but not every horse suits every carriage. In a new study one researcher has discovered what couples who ...

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News from: Cornell University

Cat videos are good for you

The internet has brought all sorts of previously unexpected things into our lives. Who would have thought people sitting in their loungeroom making papier maché hedgehogs would be something ...

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News from: BMC Public Health

Sitting may cause anxiety

Sitting is the new smoking; there is ample evidence that the act of sitting increases many disease processes. Research tells is that sitting ages you at the cellular level ...

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News from: BMC Public Health

A mass extinction is underway

Mass extinctions are periods in Earth’s history when abnormally large numbers of species die out simultaneously or within a limited time frame. The mass extinction that took place about ...

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News from: Science Advances

Stay calm and live long

Here’s a news bulletin for you: life is stressful. Yes, by it’s nature being alive is a “stressful” enterprise. When you even get out of bed in the morning your ...

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News from: Health Psychology

Fermented foods reduce anxiety

Society is a wonderful but daunting thing. Sure you get security, support and structure from society but then you also have to deal with societal fashions, freaks, and foibles. Every ...

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News from: Psychiatry Research

Bee-haviour change

Everything is connected to everything else but surely bees are more connected to “everything” than almost any other creature. Our own connection to bees is multifaceted and essential to our ...

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News from: Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Cricket cutlets

In 2010 the World Wildlife Fund released a paper called “The Living Planet Report” which estimated that the Earth has enough productive land and sea for each person to use ...

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News from: Institute of Food Technologists

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