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Coffee flour

Coffee has been getting some good publicity recently due to some favourable findings from the researchers. One Harvard study for instance, found that people who drink three to five ...

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News from: Brandeis University

Omega-3 and baby’s brain

Fish has a long-term reputation as a “brain food”. For a while this was put down to it being an excellent source of protein but then attention switched to the ...

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News from: Stem Cells

Bond and the CIA

In a news item a week or so ago we discussed an anatomical error in the new Bond film “Spectre”. In the course of researching that article though a ...

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News from: Journal of Cold War Studies

Making your mind up

The human mind is an amazing thing; it has provided the basis for our language, or society, and our imagination. It is the thing that delineates us as a ...

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News from: Scientific Reports

Exercise changes gut bacteria

You probably are aware of the verified factoid that your gut, as you read this, is host to a lively group of around 100 trillion microorganisms. You probably also know ...

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News from: Immunology and Cell Biology

Lettuce take stock

You might have seen headlines in the last few weeks saying something to the effect that lettuce is worse than bacon in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. This may ...

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News from: Environment Systems and Decisions

The millet factor

Have you ever had something that you thought you knew turned on its head? It might have been that you thought you knew how to make a good lasagne ...

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News from: University of Cambridge

Midnight snacks

The 24/7 world we live in means that we are often doing things that our body’s haven’t really evolved to do. One of those things is snacking late at ...

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News from: eLife

Food and climate change

Sometimes it can feel like climate change has become nothing more than an intellectual concept to be debated, and the phrase “fiddling while Rome burns” springs to mind, but this ...

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News from: i> National Centre for Atmospheric Research

Tracking the tracker

Every so often something comes along and grabs the popular consciousness; we call it a “fad” but sometimes those fads turn into everyday reality. It might be that activity ...

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News from: International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity

Bond blunder

When you watch a feature film, especially a Hollywood, you suspend disbelief; if you spent your time in an action film or a rom-com questioning whether a character would ...

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News from: Nature

Resolutions that work

It is the first Monday back of the new year and while many are still frolicking on holidays there are also many back to the work grindstone. Whatever you ...

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News from: Journal of Consumer Psychology

Learning empathy

All is quiet on New Year’s Day…now, there’s a line to begin a song with for any budding rock or pop lyricists out there. Oh wait…it may have been ...

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News from: Proceedings of the National Academy of the United States of America

Is finglam funny?

Humour, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, right? That is, what is funny or beautiful is totally a matter of individual taste. Actually, this is a ...

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News from: Journal of Memory and Language

Composting your best choice

In the 1970s people wore flared pants because they thought they looked good; an example of a misguided belief. In the 1930s and 1940s people smoked cigarettes because they ...

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News from: Compost Science and Utilization

Oil that burns fat

Just in order to deal with the complexity of the world the human mind has a tendency to compress. To cope with the unimaginable intricacy of the Universe we ...

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News from: Scientific Reports

Coffee enhances endurance

Coffee is used as a pick-me-up, or even a get-me-going, by millions of people around the world every day. We know that coffee provides the stimulant effects of caffeine ...

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News from: International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism

Pets boost sex appeal

Pets are wonderful things; they provide endless subjects for your latest instagram post, they make excellent confidants, and (unless they are an iguana) give wonderful cuddles in times of ...

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News from: Anthrozoos

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