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Green offices boost thinking

There is no action that does not have implications elsewhere, and those actions are often unpredicted. Take for instance the move to make office buildings more energy efficient. This is ...

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News from: Environmental Health Perspectives

Correcting mistakes

Outside of antiques fairs we live in a society obsessed with newness. Despite the fact that you’ve only had your mephone 8 for ten months you still have to “upgrade” ...

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News from: Psychological Science

Toxic clothes

As you purchase that new pair of pants, skirt, or cool jumper you are probably thinking of how wonderful you will look in them, how people will see you in ...

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News from: Stockholm University

Ballet building

If you want to build muscle you probably envisage hours spent in a gym in a singlet shouting some sort of inane logo like, “The only time is now!”, or ...

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News from: Journal of Neurophysiology

The romance of gratitude

Relationships are complex things and in the hurly burly of life it is easy to sublimate what you really feel for your significant other just to get by on ...

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News from: Personal Relationships

Mindful weight loss

Mindfulness gets plenty of good press these days and so it should because the mental and physical benefits of it are many. Often “mindfulness” is associated with meditation and ...

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News from: International Journal of Behavioural Medicine

Money or appreciation?

In theory there are two instruments that a reasonable manager can use with their staff (given that lashings with the cat-o’-ninetails are no longer in vogue); you can offer ...

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News from: European Economic Review

Altruism on queue

Altruism is understandable on some levels. You can see why a parent will sacrifice for their child as at a base level it is in their genetic interest to ...

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News from: Human Nature

Sunscreen and the reef

When you lather on sunscreen you probably do it with the best of intentions hoping to protect your skin against UV damage and the subsequent development of melanoma. Unfortunately, according ...

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News from: Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology

Personality vs practise

Your personality determines many things; it influences how many parties you are invited to, it can influence your nickname (isn’t that right Shifty?), and it influences whether you buy ...

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News from: Journal of Research in Personality

Big brain, smart brain?

Is bigger better? Those engaged in the field of nanotechnology certainly don’t think so. Jockeys would disagree too. What about when it comes to brains? We readily use phrases ...

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News from: Neuroscience and Behavioural Reviews

Paleo sleep

We tend to idealise the past. We believe that life was somehow simpler when all you had to think about was avoiding being eaten by the carnivore-du-jour. We regard ...

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News from: Current Biology

Sleep on it

It’s one thing to spend time learning a new thing but how do you retain that new information the next day, let alone three months later? Well according ...

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News from: eLife

Summer babies

Timing is everything they say. This is undoubtedly true when it comes to sports, it is certainly true of comedy, and it is utterly irrefutable when it comes to ...

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News from: Heliyon

Email etiquette

Every day humanity sends 196.3 billion emails (at least according to the Radicati Group, a technology market research firm from California). Of those emails 108.7 billion are business emails ...

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News from: University of Southern California

Television shapes attitudes

There are no free lunches. That is one of those popular phrases that has been used in everything from science fiction to economics text books and as you dig ...

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News from: Journal of Health Communications

First-born vision

Life isn’t always fair and it certainly isn’t equal. If you want things to be equally apportioned in this world then you’ll live a life of perpetual quiet desperation. ...

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News from: JAMA Opthalmology

Elephants beat cancer odds

Theory doesn’t always play out in practice. Theoretically politicians are servants of the people. Theoretically children respect parents and parents deserve children’s respect. Theoretically you can’t make false claims ...

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News from: JAMA

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