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Latest Health News from WellBeing

Bacteria clouds

Amid recent, and justified, concern over misuse of antibiotics leading to antibiotic resistance it seems apparent that part of the way forward lies in prevention. So it is not ...

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News from: Journal of Hospital Infection

Tears of joy

You expect to cry when something sad happens. We correlate tears with sadness and find no anomaly in the two occurring together yet, although it happens quite frequently, tears ...

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News from: Psychological Science

Face of success

Your face tells a lot about you. It can reveal if you have just been a touch overzealous in consuming a cake with chocolate icing. It can, of course, ...

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News from: Adaptive Human Behaviour and Physiology

Jazz up your putting

Golf is a bizarre form of self-torture that is usually attributed as originating in Scotland although the Romans did play a game called “paganica”, in which participants used a bent ...

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News from: Journal of Athletic Enhancement

Clean and ethical

There are no linguistic accidents. People are described as a “pain in the neck” because the anxiety they induce can cause contraction in neck muscles that cause pain. A newly ...

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News from: Organisational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes

Healthy food, healthy planet

It is, in many ways, an individualistic world. We’ve, for the most part, moved on from accepting even a grain of truth in phrases like “greed is good” but ...

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News from: Nature

Pursuing pillow talk

The pursuit of things can have unintended consequences. Luke Skywalker didn’t know he would discover his father is a dark Lord of the Sith when he set out to save ...

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News from: Communication Monographs

Firing the imagination

Fire has been a major shaping force in human evolution. It has allowed us to stay warm, to cook food and provided protection against predators. Now a new study suggests ...

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News from: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Speed beetle

Here’s a trivia question for you: relative to its size, what is the fastest creature on the planet? You might have jumped straight to the old chestnut, “the cheetah”. Yes, ...

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News from: Biology Letters


There have been many highly productive relationships that had a competitive element to them; Lennon-McCartney, Abbott-Costello (the Hollywood version), and Caesar-Antony are a just a few. In the beverage world ...

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News from: European Society of Cardiology

Shiitake vs Virus

Researchers can make some quite large claims. Not all of them jump out of bath tubs and run naked through the streets shouting “Eureka!” to display their prowess but they ...

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News from: University of Texas

Why sadness lingers

Some things last when you don’t want them too and others pass too quickly. An evening at any live play starring Hugo Weaving always goes too fast while most amateur ...

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News from: Motivation and Emotion

To scratch or not to scratch?

Research tells us that 64 per cent of people will scratch if they see someone else scratching. Try your own experiment to substantiate this at your next dinner party…but do ...

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News from: Neuron

Meditating on problems

Meditation wasn’t created to give Buddhists something to do when they sit down, nor was it designed so that modern finance executives could assuage their guilt. Meditation is a ...

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News from: Mindfulness

The whole oats

Sometimes it pays to revisit things. If you re-watch a film that you haven’t seen for ten years you will find nuances and subtleties that you weren’t able to ...

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News from: British Journal of Nutrition

Cacao stops brain ageing

You can pronounce the potato as either “poh-tah-toe” or “poh-tay-toe” or you can call a tomato a “toe-mah-toe” or a “toe-may-toe”. However you pronounce the name there is no ...

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News from: Nature Neuroscience

The value of wandering

In yesterday’s column we talked about the current vogue for being always “on” yet how being “off” also has its value. As a companion piece to that theme today ...

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News from: PNAS

Rest on your laurels

In our 24/7, instagrammed, tweet-ridden, hyper-linked, immediate world of NOW…the virtues of rest and quietude have been somewhat sublimated. The Slow movement is pointing us to the value of ...

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News from: PNAS