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Latest Health News from WellBeing

Eyelash ideals

“Her deep brown eyes met mine, holding and communicating the mysteries of her continent. Her long eyelashes swept upwards in a promising arc as she delicately blinked her intention ...

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News from: Journal of the Royal Society Interface

No-spill latté

Rivalries abound in human consciousness and history. The houses of York and Lancaster irritated each other so intensely that they could only settle their differences with a series of ...

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News from: Physics of Fluids

Love and pain

They say you always hurt the one you love, but as usual “they” are talking cobblers. Yes, of course you can hurt those close to you by being a ...

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News from: Social and Cognitive Affective Neuroscience

Beautiful me, me, me

Khalil Gibran said that we live only to discover beauty and that all else is a form of waiting. Gibran also said, “Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a ...

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News from: Evolutionary Psychology

A positive word

It is easy to imagine that humans wallow in a sea of negativity. After all the violence inherent in many mainstream movies, the daily media focus on disaster, and ...

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News from: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Chilli weight loss

According to the World Health Organisation around 33 per cent of the world’s population are overweight or obese. Perhaps it is all these people heading to the beach that ...

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News from: American Institute of Physics

Green tea magic

Green tea has been around a long while and even in the modern West it has been known for quite a while to be a healthy drink. Most of ...

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News from: Journal of the Society of Sports Nutrition

Fingers point to fidelity

So often, and lamentably, in this world we divide ourselves into diametrically opposed camps. There are those who sleep in pyjamas every night and those who go au naturel, ...

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News from: Biology Letters

Love online

Have you ever thought of trying to find love online? If you have then you are not alone. At the moment there are around 1.5 million profiles for people ...

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News from: Evidence Based Medicine

Cooking up calories

Cooking these days is the basis for everything from contrived television competition to celebrity status yet there is still room for the rather unusual, if staid, aim of cooking ...

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News from: American Journal of Physical Anthropology

Buying success

Things don’t always go as you planned. That surprise party would have worked better if the guest of honour hadn’t admitted themselves to hospital with an anxiety attack over ...

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News from: Journal of Consumer Research

Mushroom mechanism

We have a fascination with the small; somehow “nano” has become a prefix that equates with “better”. Making things smaller and dissecting things doesn’t always actually get us closer ...

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News from: PLoS Biology

Decision time

The research shows that selection of a life partner is one that we make with a careful balance of intellectual consideration of the pros and cons and intuitive consideration ...

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News from: Scientific Reports

To jog or not to jog?

The whole jogging phenomenon is an interesting one. People from even half a century ago would marvel at people of all shapes and textures donning material that leaves nothing ...

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News from: Journal of the American College of Cardiology

Awesome anti-inflammatories

When you have completed your payment at the supermarket checkout and the teenage checkout-operator hands you your receipt with a glib, “Awesome!” do you ever pause? Did the transaction ...

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News from: Emotion

Sleep on it

Sleep is widely recognised as vital to healthy functioning of your brain. In this column we have reported studies showing that lack of sleep impairs mood, promotes negative thoughts, ...

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News from: eLife

The youthful brain

Do you expect to deteriorate as you get older? It is a common expectation that we will gradually experience loss of mental and physical function as the years roll ...

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News from: Frontiers in Psychology

The sex of emotion

It’s not just our milk that is homogenised these days. Travel to a far flung city of the Orient or to a Scandinavian port and you will find the ...

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News from: Journal of Neuroscience