Connected — A Paradigm Shift In How We View Health — AndiLew

This book explains the difference between allopathy (medical model) and wellness. One is proactive and holistic and the other is reactive and mechanistic in its approach. We need both, but knowing when and how your body works to heal, when you give it the right environment, is key.

Throughout health history, we’ve been taught there’s a pill for every ill, but the power to be well lies in you. Reclaim your power to heal because you are the healer and the practitioner is the catalyst.

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Menopause, misunderstood

Every woman will go through menopause at some point in her life, but new research shows that a huge 80 per cent of Australians don’t know what menopause is. Integrative healthcare brand Flordis is on a mission to break the taboo, educate the public and encourage women to embrace this pivotal time in their lives.

Natural treatment for osteoarthritis

How to treat severe osteoarthritis naturally

Do you suffer from painful joints and osteoarthritis? We take a look at one patient’s arthritis journey and the best natural remedies. During the lockdowns, a 70-year-old woman rang me for a consultation. She had been generally quite healthy for many years and used to walk regularly, enjoying lengthy bush walks frequently. But in the […]

Fasting facts: the benefits of abstaining

Fasting facts: the benefits of abstaining

The beauty of fasting is the ability to fast is conserved in our DNA. Before we became civilised by inventing foods that are impregnated with fat and sugar, we had to endure long periods of starvation, which elicited the genetic survival mechanisms that made us more resilient and resistant to the development of diseases.