12 Natural Insomnia Cures

12 natural insomnia cures

In this special, in-depth report we look at the natural ways to treat insomnia, improve your sleep and boost your quality of life.

Using Resistance Training To Build Muscle

Using resistance training to build muscle

Building your muscle through resistance training does much more than allow you to flex in the gym — it has many important health benefits, not the least of which is that it keeps you young.

Plant Protein, Climate Change And Ageing

Plant protein, climate change and ageing

Want to learn how to make a difference to the planet with your diet? We take a look at plant protein for an eco-friendly diet and the links between climate change and ageing.

From Candy To Herbs, Here's Your Guide To Modern Love Potions

From candy to herbs, here’s your guide to modern love potions

Can a “love potion” really cause someone to fall in love? We delve into the primal notion of love potions to see if any of them might work.

Your Sun Sign Predictions For 2022

Your Sun Sign Predictions for 2022

From the modalities to the elements, let us help you discover the mysteries of your sun sign and how it makes you unique.

5 Metabolism Boosting Foods

5 Metabolism-Boosting Foods

A strong metabolism helps keep weight off, but it also maintains health, supports immunity and prevents premature ageing. Here are five foods to include in your diet to give you a metabolism boost. Metabolism is the process of turning calories from the foods you eat into useable energy for all the chemical reactions that take […]

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Belgian Braised Stew

Belgian Braised Stew

This delicious and rich stew is traditionally made using rabbit and a dark beer. I’ve mixed it up a bit by using easier-to-source chicken and a good-quality cider.

Anta The Natural Way

Learn about Australia’s largest democratic association of natural therapy practitioners — ANTA

Discover the benefits of being involved with the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) with Executive Officer Jim Olds.

Winer skin health

Four easy ways to improve your immunity & skin health this winter

Looking for improved immunity as well as support for dry or lacklustre skin heading into winter? Making sure you’re eating well is key.

Future Proof Your Home

Create a future-proof home

Learn how to create a future-proof home to survive years of use and shift with your changing life stages and needs.

Green Nation Life

Transparent & minimal formulations — chatting with Green Nation Life

We chat to Green Nation Life founders Alanna Hinds and Fiona Murton about the power of botanicals, what it means to go green and how to live a more sustainable life.

Gardening For Self Care

Gardening for self-care — the wellness tool you need right now

Gardening for self-care is a powerful tool that can ground and centre you in times of uncertainty.

Skincare Myths

Debunking skincare myths in the beauty sphere

The beauty sphere is riddled with myths and misinformation, especially when it comes to the clean beauty movement. We dive into the murky waters of what makes a product “clean” with the help of cosmetic chemist Michelle Wong to debunk and demystify the ever-evolving world of skincare.

Star Signs May & June 2022

Your stars signs for May & June 2022

Curious about what the future holds in store for you these next few months? Want to know about the New Moon? Mercury in retrograde? How Venus will impact your relationships? Consulting astrologer Christine Broadbent has scrutinized the planets and stars to uncover what your star signs for May & June promise.

Natural therapists Atms

How accredited natural therapists can support your health & wellbeing

Improving overall health and wellbeing is at the forefront of most people’s minds, and a natural approach is one way to do so. In celebration of Australia’s only Nautral Medicine Week, 23-29 May 2022, we’ve collated a guide to help you udnerstand what natural medicine is, how it works, the different types of therapies available and why it’s so important for Australians. 

Micro Vibration

Sculpt & Lift Microvibration Roller — Retreatment Botanicals

Advanced technology to sculpt and lift your skin. A Rose Quartz vibrating facial roller set that vibrates with a gentle 6,000 sonic vibrations per minute for age-defying results:

The Wandering Artist

Plantable greeting cards? Discover The Wandering Artist

Kristy Mary was looking for a sustainable way to share her art when she decided to launch her range of plantable greeting cards. Now, the artist creates nature-inspired illustrations for her Earth-friendly cards that blossom into bottlebrush, swan river daisy and oregano.

Spicy Mexican Wrap6

Spicy Mexican Breakfast Wraps

This spicy wrap uses its own homemade seasoning, but you can use store-bought taco seasoning if you prefer. It’s a really quick and easy lunch recipe for when you’re time-restricted.